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UX/UI designers at Salesforce in San Francisco have condensed more relevant information for Sales People in the Console for Sales which will be released in Winter ’14.

This is a screenshot of the brand new console tab. This UI reminds me of some elements of the Service Cloud Console: The tabs on top (in this example “Leads”, “Jason Brennaman” and “Lori Gaiser”) allow sales people to easily access more relevant information.

What’s more, the left pane displays the information would you typically find on the “home page” of an object (Leads in this case), whereas the right pane displays the record details. I can’t help to notice something at the bottom of the screen called “Interaction log”

Console for Sales Winter 14

The Console for Sales allows users to quickly jot notes or log interactions for each record, as well as manage calls via a SoftPhone lechanism to capture all sales interactions.

In terms of customization, admins will have to possibility to create custom console components for critical information to be displayed on tabs and pages. Further integration is made available through the Salesforce Console Integration Toolkit API.