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Data migration from one CRM to Salesforce is complicated enough, have you tried migrating CRM data from 2 CRM systems into Salesforce?

This is a task Apsynergy has undertaken a couple times already:
– for one of our previous projects, the goal was to replace 2 cloud based CRMs used by 2 seperate teams, into one Salesforce.
– At the Global Fund to fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Apsynergy coordinated and managed migrating 2 concurrent and active CRM systems (Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce) into Salesforce, in order to discontinue Dynamics and have a single system for all CRM related data and functionality.

1) Synchronizing data
Running 2 CRM systems in parrallel can cause some headaches which can be solved by running an ETL tool such as Informatica Cloud (@ The Global Fund) or Talend. Synchronizing data (for example Account and Contacts) requires that you determine the master source of data for your data set. This is the “freshest” source of data and the data which will in turn update other systems when the data is updated.

2) Decoupling data migrations
Decoupling data migrations is what Apsynergy chose to do with our Travel Tripper customer, given that this customer was running 2 separate CRM systems in 2 distinct Sales teams. Thankfully the overlap was limited since these 2 teams were focusing on different territories and decided to remain focused on their territories after cutover to Salesforce. The sequence of events which took place ahead of the cutover was: Training Team 1 + Cutover Team 1, then Training Team 2 + Cutover Team 2.

3) Data deduping
In the case of merging 2 distinct CRM systems used by geographically diverse teams, our decision was to simply conduct data deduping in Excel based on the Vlookup function. The same applies to deduping contacts between the 2 different CRM systems.

However, if both CRM systems currently in production overlap in data and are synched, then more advanced tools come into play, such as CRM Fusion Demand Tools which is a tool that I love. This great client based executable application (PC) connects to your salesforce org and detects existing duplicated based on a criteria that you determine.

4) Data Migration window
Given that Apsynergy’s team is based in Europe and Asia, we were able to migrate CRM systems without impacting day-to-day business/commercial activities.

Salesforce Data Migration