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Today Apsynergy launched a LinkedIn Ads campaign, integrated with Salesforce aimed at building awareness and generating leads. Here are the steps to setup LinkedIn Ads connected to Salesforce :

  1. Configure the Leads object in Salesforce, including lead assignment rules that you may want to implement.
  2. Create a form, or landing page, on your website. This form will generate the lead record in Salesforce. You can either use Web-to-lead, I chose instead to go for formsite.
  3. Create a new LinkedIn Ads campaign, which will allow targetted LinkedIn members to click on a customized banner which links to to your form/landing page.
  4. Determine the Model (CPC or CPM), Max Daily Budget, an option called “Lead Collection” for a list of the LinkedIn profiles who actually clicked, and an optional end date for the campaign.

And you’re done! You may want to calculate the ROI by creating a new campaign and including a campaign ID in the form/landing page.